Indirect BW


Indirect is an umbrella project initiated in the early 1990s, which uses photography both as a means of documenting surrounding reality and as an instrument able to investigate the occurring changes.The project started from the conviction that the reality-of-the-moment texture is much more complex than it might seem at first sight. It has often happened to me that the way I used to perceive certain words, gestures, and details was biased by the moods, desires, or aspirations I had in that very moment. Later on, the same words, gestures, and details acquired different meanings. Similarly, it seems to me that, during the process in which an image is printed and visualized, the time dilates; and between the elements of the frame appear details and connections I did not notice in the shooting moment, and they can often amplify or, on the contrary, change the original meaning of that image.For the time being, this way of practising photography has put up with different themes and acquired several names (RO-ArchiveTinseltown, D-Platform).Indirect is also the reservoir from which I took the photos of the panoramic images used in the projects Reconstructions, The Act of Seeing, Synapses, Echoes, and Finitude.